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This great article was sent in by a site visitor, Elise A. from Toronto! Read her tips on alternatives to buttonholes, and feel free to send us your own tips!

I read your article on snaps and using a snap tool. I'm awful at buttons holes myself, so I wanted to draw your attention to some alternatives:

Closures other than buttonholes

Snap tape - this is twill tape into which snaps have been set. I have seen it in white, off-white/cream and black. You have only to sew the tape to your garment to have a functional snap closure.

Hook and eye tape - twill tape into which hooks and eyes have been set. Both the hook and the eye lengths or tape are sold together. Comes in same colors as snap tape.

Velcro tape- same idea as the two previous only the closure method used is velcro.

Button loops - It's most common to see these used with pearl buttons, but they'll work with various kinds of shank buttons and even non-shank buttons. It is easy to make these either from the garment fabric itself (by cutting strips on the bias), from store bought bias tape, ribbon or cording. You just have to remember to sew the button loops into the facing. You can buy buttons to use with this kind of closure or you can make your own knot/frog buttons from the fabric your garment is made of.

Chinese style frog closures and knot buttons - These can add an exotic touch to a garment - but can even be made so that they don't stand out that much. Here are links that explain about the frog closures and how to make knot buttons:

Zippers - I especially like the invisible kind. They can even be used to good effect as a front closure for a dress or robe. They do however take more practice to put in properly than the other closures mentioned.


Thanks Elise!

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