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Godet Skirt and Vest

godet skirt and blouse

8 Gore Godet skirt and vest - Modern style with modest flare.

The Godet skirt is a lot of work. If you don't have a serger (I don't), be prepared for a lot of monotony when finishing seams. Still, the results are worth the work! The instructions on how to sew the godets are easy to follow. I had no trouble with them, and they look great.

The matching vest included in the pattern is easy to make in about 4-5 hours. The styling is really a lovely match with the skirt, especially the venting between the front and back and the long point of the front band. Using remnants, I made a matching snood for headcovering from the two fabrics I used in the skirt and vest.

Variations: Add a fly, waistband, and only 4 godets

In the stores, we saw a very similar godet skirt with only four godets (every other gore had a godet), and instead of an elastic waistband, a fly and regular waistband. My teen daughter preferred this style, and I tackled it with confidence.

First, I borrowed a fly piece from a trouser pattern for men. I cut only 4 godets, and actually skipped the reinforcing triangle on the back side of them. I sewed the fly according to the fly directions from the pants pattern, and cut a waistband to fit her waist size. After sewing the skirt pieces together, I added the waistband by easing the back four panels to fit. Then I hemmed as usual, and added some decorative bedazzler studs at the peaks of the godets. This was such a success, that I used the same idea when I mix and matched the godet skirt pattern with the Button Front Jumper top to create a Godet Jumper.

4 godets, fly, and waistband
decorative studs on godets

Other Variations

See also the Godet Jumper I created using this skirt pattern, adding a princess seam top, the fly, and pocket! Skirts are so much more fun with a pocket!

I ordered my Godet skirt and vest from pattern from

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