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Modest Nursing Jumper Pattern

Nursing Pattern Review for Blessed Designs: Pattern 1002

modest nursing jumper pattern

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A-Line Jumper for Modest Nursing

I am wearing the A-line jumper View C from Blessed Designs (Item # BD1002) in the photo. This pattern is a wonderful 3-in-1 pattern. You are provided with a nursing shirt with five neckline options, a nursing dress with five neckline options, and an A-line nursing jumper. It is suggested to use stretch knits for these options. The A-line jumper can be sewn in stretch twill or denim. Easy variations to sew are pajama tops and a nightgown. The yardage for the nursing shirts are in 60" material and range from 1 yard needed to 2 yards depending on your size. The dress ranges in yardage requirements from 3 yards to 3 7/8 yards. The A-line jumper ranges from 3 yards fabric needed to 3 1/8 yards. This pattern is for sizes XS-XXL fitting nursing bustlines of 32-52 inches.

Pattern Overview

I sewed the Blessed Designs 1002 pattern, and chose view C, the jumper. I am the mother of a toddler and baby, and my sewing time is very limited. I needed a basic jumper to be able to nurse in, and not spend a lot of time sewing. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy this jumper is!

I did alter it a little, I didn't like how far the armholes came in on the bust, so I extended it by moving the pattern two inches past the fold. Next time I will probably do something a little bit different to alter it, but it turned out fine. The pattern was very easy to sew, with only three steps of instructions to the pattern! The jumper is to be made out of stretch knits, stretch twill, velour knit or crushed panne. I used a stretch denim material from the clearance table at Wal-mart, and I was pleased with how it sewed up!

The only tricky thing to this pattern is to remember to use the template that goes with this jumper. It makes the shoulder straps wider. I neglected to read all the instructions before I started, and missed that part of it. All in all, it was a very easy jumper to sew. My husband was surprised when he walked in and saw me wearing something new. He asked me when I had sewn that up, and was impressed to hear that I had just done it that afternoon! I would encourage any mother that wants a basic jumper, whether to nurse in or not, to use this pattern. It is a refreshing change to have a jumper that blends in, and not mess with unbuttoning the buttons.

Blessed Design patterns

Blessed Design patterns are sized just like a Simplicity or McCall's patterns, so it will fit in your pattern box with your other patterns. The instructions are very well done and thorough. Angela gives tips about sewing on knits, how to adjust the pattern if your cup size is larger than C, variations, and using a multisized pattern with templates. I believe she covered anything you would need to know (and more) for this pattern.

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