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Taylor Made Designs

Hi, loved the patterns you recommended on your page. I have already ordered some of them from Birchtree.

I have ordered some patterns for jumpers and what is called Everyday dresses from Taylor Made Designs. I have made both patterns and love them. I ordered the patterns from Heirlooms Forever in Tupelo Mississippi. They are designed by Cindy Taylor Oates. The Everyday Dresses comes in size small to xxl in one book. The pattern is in the center of the book and you have to trace off what size you want.

The instructions were very easy to understand and the dress was easy to make. I have made about six of them. The web site is I looked under Taylor Made Designs and found them in the Heirlooms Forever patterns page. They are very modest dresses. I love mine. Deb

The King's Daughters

I've really been looking for some very modest dress, jumper and jumpsuit patterns for my three girl's. Thanks to your site I've found a few. I'd really like to tell you about my experience elsewhere though. There is a site called "The King's Daughter's" that has some really wonderful modest clothing for girls and women. These are truly old-fashioned (yet timeless) outfits. The patterns come ready to go with very easy instructions. As a nearly new seamstress, I found these patterns simple to work with and the instructions clear and easy to follow. I purchased the "Girl's Value Pattern" and sewed 3 gorgeous dresses complete with pinafores for my 3 girl's for Christmas. I have included a picture of two of the girl's wearing their dresses on Christmas Eve. I loved the patterns so much that I have now purchased a pattern for myself and am finding it just as easy.

Oh, and by the way, if you don't have time or you are not a seamstress, you can have their clothing custom made for you by ordering through their web-site also. Service was fast and very efficient.

Kim K

Candle On the Hill

I have ordered modest patterns from The instructions are easy to understand on her patterns. They are also easy to sew, and she always has shipped mine quickly when I've ordered.

Candle On the Hill

I'd like to share my very high praise for Candle on the Hill and the lovely owner, Krista Rehberg. She carries a large selection of a wide variety of modest patterns, (dresses, blouse, skirt, jumper, vest) both from the "Plain" tradition of Amish and Mennonites, and other modest patterns, with modest necklines and hemlines, all in designs that would look well on any lady or girl. She also carries a variety of other wonderful items, such as patterns for diapers, bags, bedding, etc. and some books.

Her website is charming and extremely usable and easy to navigate. I placed an order which was shipped out in a timely manner and the customer service I received is that sort that is so rare nowadays, friendly, helpful, kind. I feel that I've made another Christian friend through the Internet. I plan to order again from Candle on the Hill, in fact, as soon as our budget allows! I can't recommend enough this source for lovely, feminine and practical modest patterns for both ladies and their daughters; as well as some mens and boys patterns I saw available, as well. This could very well be a one-stop-shopping experience for clothing patterns; I know it is for me!

Margaret Villagomez

Candle on the Hill Review

I highly recommend the Candle On The Hill™ line of patterns from They are easy to put together and sew. Even for the first time sewer. The instructions and diagrams are easy to understand. The patterns are printed on heavy paper that makes them easy to trace, so I keep my original pattern intact for future use. Krista also includes additional options including Make it Maternity! Most of all, the fit is very comfortable, very modest and just right! If you’re looking for a modest dress pattern, a Candle on the Hill™ original pattern is what you’ve been looking for! A lot of care and effort went into the making of these patterns. I personally wear the Country Classic every day and it is by far the best pattern I have ever used! For added modesty, I recommend either original Candle On the Hill™ vest to wear over the Country Classic dress. I also recommend both the Sisters Blouse (perfect with a jumper or the new Ladies Simple Culottes pattern) and the Country Cape Dress. Both patterns are easy to sew and the fit very comfortable and modest. Krista also has other designer patterns available for you to choose from including blouses, skirts, jumpers, plus other things as well! Krista’s site is easy to navigate and offers a very pleasant online shopping experience. The customer service is top notch, too! A lot of care goes into the packaging of your order. It’s like opening up a gift! I highly recommend shopping at Candle on the Hill. Krista has something to meet all your modest clothing needs.

Diana M.

Candle on the Hill Site Review

I recently came across your site and appreciate the resources you offer. What has been really helpful to me is your site reviews. With that in mind I would like to tell you about a site that I have really enjoyed. In my search for modest patterns the best site I know of is Candle On The Hill One of the many reasons I like this site is because you can find everything you need. Not only do they have their custom made patterns but you can pick up other brands as well. Kwik Sew, Friends, and many others are available through Candle On The Hill. It is more like a one stop shop site. I have an excellent apron pattern from them as well as sewing books. My favorites are her headcovering patterns.


Alicia Scott


Candle on the Hill

Hi! I have purchased several patterns from Candle on the Hill ( and have loved every one of them! Krista's patterns and directions are super clear.....even for those of us who are not professional seamstresses! Every pattern has turned out perfectly....from jumpers to bloomers to aprons to nightgowns...and you can't ask for more than that. In addition, Krista packages her patterns beautifully, wrapping them up is tissue paper and including a devotional bookmark and a little personal message. Krista thinks of her customers as her dear sisters in Christ and that care and concern shows in everything she offers for purchase. I recommend Candle on the Hill very highly!

E R Hatke

The King Daughter's

The patterns on this site are classic. The simple lines of the pattern make it very easy to sew everyday dress and then use a more dressier fabric for more formal wear. The instructions are very easy to follow. The ladies that manage The King Daughter's are very easy to talk with and thoroughly explain any problems that you have with their patterns.. They can assist you with any question via telephone or email. I have been really pleased with their pattern and receive complements each time I wear a dress that I have made from their pattern line. The turn around time is very fast. I generally receive the patterns that I order within 5 working days.

Tracey H.

Candle on the Hill

I think this is an absolutely a great site were you can find something for everyone. I have personally sewn the headcovering pattern and found the instructions very easy to follow and the sizing to be generous in fit. Her patterns are shipped with great care and she is readily available to assist you with any question that you have. I would recommend her patterns to anyone from the novice to the more experienced seamstress.



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