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How to Sew your own Snood, Plus Fee Pattern

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Cover your head in style! Modest snoods look lovely

Snoods are a style of head covering that are closed in the back. They are comfortable, stay in place easily, and come in a variety of styles that allow for your individual tastes. A snood looks great covering all of your hair or allowing for bangs or wisps if you prefer that style.

Sewing your own snood is fast, easy, cheap, and you can make them to match your home sewn outfits. Not up to sewing your own? Hire a seamstress inexpensively on the internet and have your outfit sewn at a modest price.

Pattern pieces

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There are four pieces to this snood, the main body of the snood, the head band, and two ties. The body is essentially a large rectangle rounded at the edges. My pattern is about 12 inches by 11.5 inches (30.5 cm by 29 cm). You can make your snood longer by increasing the depth of the rectangle. I've attempted to illustrate my pattern. The fold is the top front of the snood, so your seam goes down the back. I'm not great at graphics, but I hope this gets the idea across.

snood pattern
pattern ready to cut

The head band is a large rectangle 5 inches by 25.5 inches (12.7 cm by 64 cm). I usually make the band from a knit fabric so that it sits well on my head once tied. You should measure your head and adjust the length accordingly.

snood band pattern

The two ties are simply each a strip of fabric 5 inches by 36 inches (12.7 cm by about a meter). I like to make them of either the same fabric as the main body of the snood, or one of the same fabric and one of a contrasting fabric. Most often I make one of the fabric of the main body of the snood, and one of the fabric of the headband.

Assembling Your Snood

  1. With right sides together, gather the snood body from the folded edge to the mark on the opposite side, that is, between the two large dots.
  2. Finish the ends of the brim to the marks with either a zig zag or serger (the zig zag line in the illustration). This will allow room for "give" when tying your snood.
  3. Sew seam from fold to brim (the blue line in the illustration)
  4. Finish seam, turn and press.
  5. With right sides together, fold headband lengthwise. Sew approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) [or serge!] from each end along the length of the headband. Turn right side out. Press. This is the area that corresponds to the zig-zag/serged area on the snood. The rest of the length of the headband/brim is left unsewn, as you will sew it right side to right side to the snood body (step 6).
  6. Pin band right side to right side of snood cap, matching center, leaving stitched ends out over zig zagged end of the brim.
  7. Stitch. Finish seam, press out band, pressing seam towards body of snood.
  8. For ties, pin and sew right sides together, leaving one end open for turning. You can angle the closed end, if desired. Trim corners, turn right side out and press if necessary.
  9. Turn under edge of head band and stitch in ties.

The best part about sewing your own clothing, is that you can make your snood to match. If you hire a seamstress, it only takes about an extra quarter to half a yard to make the snood, less if you are using remnant knit fabrics for one tie and the headband.

This style of snood can be worn a number of ways, using the ties in many different variations. Another similar style that you can get tying ideas from is at Happy Head Wraps.


Buy a snood online at There are even more auctions than shown here for snoods. Click on the search button to see more.

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